Micro Captives 2016

The Captive Review Micro Captive Report comes at a fascinating time for the 831(b) structure. As the level of interest in micro captive solutions increases, so too does the level of regulatory pressure upon them. What has the potential to be a particularly beneficial insurance arrangement also has the potential to create best practice headaches.

US captives are perhaps under more scrutiny than ever before. The IRS’ “Dirty Dozen” list took aim at “unscrupulous promoters” and industry members have been intensely encouraged to avoid certain questionable practices. Contributors to this report consider best practice and the role the industry has to play in ridding itself of those bringing it into disrepute.

The competition to be considered the jurisdiction of choice for micro captives is fiercely contested. As such, there’s a chance that you stand to benefit from being domiciled elsewhere. This report offers discussion of these potential benefits and why it is important to understand that a micro captive does not have to be a static entity.

This report also includes explanation and analysis of some of the necessary technical issues involved in the operation of a micro captive. Contributors offer insight into the key roles and their responsibilities in a captive. In addition there is explanation as to the vital tax considerations of the 831(b) structure.


Contributors to this edition of Captive Review’s Micro Captives Report have provided expert insight from their various industry standpoints. From captive managers to legal service providers, the combined thoughts of key industry players are available in this report.

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