Healthcare Report 2015

Creating or joining a captive vehicle to cover your healthcare risks is becoming increasingly popular across the United States.

In keeping with the wider trend of the captive industry the largest organizations make up the majority of the healthcare pure captives, while middle market businesses such as hospitals and cargo companies are joining together to pool their risk management resources in group or sponsored captives structures.

In the Healthcare Report 2015, Captive Review analyzes the most common frameworks behind these group healthcare captives and the industry types that are showing
the most appetite for alternative risk transfer.

We also speak to offshore industry groups to discover which regions they are expecting to capture the most captive business from and how they plan to leverage their captive offering to drive healthcare formations over the coming year.

Finally, Captive Review hears from the associations and businesses who are themselves healthcare captive owners to outline their experiences of the various advantages
and challenges of the formation process.

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