North Carolina Report 2015

North Carolina has exploded onto the scene as one of the latest United States jurisdictions with captive legislation and is already boasting significant growth in the number of captives being created or re-domiciling there.

The newly formed regulators have grappled with how to make a practical law for captives that would fit with North Carolina’s specific governing structures. The creators of the North Carolina Captive Law claim to have taken the best aspects of its competitors’ regulatory structures to create an effective and appealing insurance domicile.


North Carolina more generally is currently enjoying growth in many sectors and is ranked the ninth largest US economy by GDP. This solid financial foundation, combined with a willing and competent administration have so far shown it to be an ideal environment to develop a captive insurance sector.

In the Captive Review North Carolina Report we speak to leading industry professionals, some of whom were central to the development of the one-year-old captive law as well as those enjoying the boom in business it has created.

The experts also analyse the captive law in detail and discuss what features are needed to make a domicile successful, growth forecasts within North Carolina for the next 12 months and expected regulatory reform.

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