REVEALED: Newest inductees to the Captive Review Hall of Fame

The Captive Review Hall of Fame was launched in 2016 to recognise the most influential and respected figures to have left their mark on the captive industry.

Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is our way of distinguishing those who have made the most significant impact on the market and ensuring their contribution is not forgotten.

The first iteration of the Hall of Fame featured 13 inductees, and since then the list has grown, with 33 members before our latest group of inductees are added.

And this year we are delighted to announce there are another three captive professionals for us to induct into the Hall of Fame – congratulations go to Brady Young, Peter Mullen, and Courtney Claflin.



After two consecutive years of topping our annual Power 50 list, Brady Young makes it into our Hall of Fame. Young’s impact on the captive industry can’t be understated, being

a founding member of SRS since its inception in 1993 and then leading the management buy-out of the company to establish it as an independent entity in August 2002. Young has been chairman and CEO of SRS ever since, leading the company on its journey to become one of the largest captive managers in the world, standing toe to toe with all the major global broking houses.



Peter Mullen is one of the industry’s best known captive leaders, having led two of the largest captive operations in the world. Starting his insurance career over 30 years ago, it was during his stint in Gallagher’s Bermuda o­ffice where he first made his mark helping to found Artex in 1997. He went on to leave to become global CEO of Aon Captive and Insurance Management in 2011, before returning to Artex in 2019 to assume the role of CEO. In dictating how two of the largest captive managers are run, very few can match the influence he has had.



One of the most popular characters in the captive industry, Courtney Claflin has a lengthy resume of designing unique and customised risk financing arrangements. He’s been the principal architect of numerous single parent, group, health insurance and association captives, and was 20

16 captive professional of the year. As University of California executive director of Fiat Lux Risk and Insurance Company, he also earned the 2017 outstanding captive insurance company of the year award at the CICA 2017 international conference. Now running Fluid Truck’s captive, he also sits on the board of directors of CICA.






Steve Butterworth

Joel Chansky

Ellen Charnley

Michael Corbett

Leonard D. Crouse

Malcolm Cutts-Watson

Guenther Droese

John English

David Ezekiel

Alan Fleming

Alan Gier

Roger Gillett

Julia Graham

Brian Hall

Tom Jones

Arthur Koritzinsky

Charles ‘Chaz’ Lavelle

Steve McElhiney

Edward Meehan

Lincoln Miller

Mary-Ellen Moriarty

John Morrey

Robert ‘Skip’ Myers

Gary Osbourne

David Provost

Frederic M. Reiss

Hugh Rosenbaum

George Rusu

Kate Westover

Bruce Whitmore

Paul Woehrmann

Bruce Wright

Michael Zuckerman

12 August 2024
5-6 November 2025

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