Zurich webinar: Exploring the benefits of group captives

Zurich’s Emma Sansom, Dawn Hiestand and Joshua Nyaberi, along with ICS’ Jeff Matney and RISCS CWC’s Oliver Schofield, discuss everything you need to know about group captives, including when you would want to form one and their advantages.


The Zurich-hosted webinar ‘Exploring the benefits of group captives’ is now available and free to view below.

This webinar is essential viewing if you are thinking about forming a captive and want to discover more about the benefits of a group captive.

Hosted by Zurich’s group head of captives Emma Sansom, we hear valuable insights from Zurich executive vice president and head of group captives in Zurich North America, Dawn Hiestand, and Zurich’s head of captive fronting Joshua Nyaberi.

Jeff Matney, senior vice president of Innovative Captive Strategies, and Oliver Schofield, CEO managing partner at RISCS CWC also contribute to the discussion by explaining the role of the captive consultant in this process.

To download the webinar’s accompanying slides, visit On-Demand Webinars | Captive Review Virtual Series


Key takeaways:

– Understand group captives and their benefits

– Insight into successes in the US market

– Market analysis and opportunities for establishing group captives in Europe


– Emma Sansom, Group Head of Captives, Zurich Insurance Company

– Joshua Nyaberi, Head of Captive Fronting, Zurich Insurance Company

– Dawn Hiestand, Executive Vice President and Head of Captives, Zurich North America

– Oliver Schofield, CEO & Managing Partner, RISCS CWC

– Jeff Matney, Senior Vice President, Innovative Captive Strategies ICS


12 August 2024
5-6 November 2025

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