Announcing the Power 50: 30-11

The Power 50 honours the most influential people in the captive insurance industry. Here we have numbers 30-11, check back tomorrow for the top 10.

30 – Amy Evans, Executive Vice President, Intercare Holdings

Evans was appointed executive vice president of the liability division at Intercare in 2019. After 20 years working at Western Litigation, first as a party insurance defence attorney representing national carriers, and then later focusing nationally on management of claims and litigation, makes Evans one of the top in her field.

29 – Thomas Keist, Director, Innovative Risk Solutions, SwissRe Corporate Solutions

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Keist now leads SwissRe’s innovative risk solutions team. This means Keist has his finger on the pulse of emerging risks and how to cover non-traditional risks in new ways. With cyber and parametrics hot topics, Keist’s expertise will be in demand in the coming year.

28 – Anjanette Fowler, Managing Director of Insurance and Specialised Insurance, PNC Institutional Assets Management

With the captive investment space becoming more completed and gaining prominence in the last five years Fowler has shown her innovation and expertise when it comes to investments. Fowler also chairs CICA’s Amplify Women committee, which was formed in 2019, and aims to tackle the challenges faced by women in the captive industry. Starting with PNC in 2021, there are undoubtedly exciting things afoot for the coming year.

27 – Dr Leena Johns, Head of Health and Wellness, MAXIS Global Benefits Network

As head of health and wellness at MAXIS GBN Dr Johns is responsible for global healthcare claims analytics and wellness. A former ER physician, Dr Johns has worked across the world, from the Middle East to the United States. At the front of innovation in the EB space, she has developed a suite of MAXIS multinational global medical dashboard reports and is always looking for ways to improve EB.

26 – Dan Towle, President, CICA

As the president of the Captive Insurance Companies Association, Towle is singlehandedly organising associations and fighting on behalf of the industry. He is always quick to respond to regulatory updates affecting captives, as well as planning a way to tackle it. Towle has recently expanded CICA’s reach, collaborating with international captive associations and becoming an organiser for the European Captive Forum. The next year will be sure to see CICA grow even more.

25 – Ciaran Healy, Director of Client Solutions, Aon Captive and Insurance Management

Highly valued throughout the European captive industry, Healy has quickly risen up the ranks and is becoming invaluable at Aon after five years leading the European captive team at Willis Tower Watson. Healy is now director of client solutions for EMEA and can be seen around the continent (and via Zoom) talking to absolutely everyone about captives.

24 – Adrian Lynch, Executive Vice President, Artex

Working across Ireland, the United States and the Cayman Islands over his 25+ year career Lynch was appointed to his role at Artex after running Aon Cayman’s operations for eight years. He is now charged with running Bermuda, Cayman and North America for Artex’s growing business. Known for his energy, good humor and impeccable knowledge of the industry, Lynch is sure to grow Artex’s business even more in the future.

23 – Phil Giles, Managing Director, MSL Captive Solutions

Giles joined MSL in 2020, having worked for both QBE and Artex for more than 16 years in the employee benefits space. Responsible for all business development at MSL, structuring single-parent and group captives for the growing organisation. Focusing on several growing areas, such as medical stop-loss, Giles is heading up an exciting organisation.

22 – Daniela Masters, Head of Global Health and Wellbeing, Generali Employee Benefits

With 15 years of practical experience, Masters brings considerable knowledge about successful corporate health and wellbeing strategy, initiatives and programs from multiple perspectives: employer, wellness provider, private insurer and EAP provider. Working all over the world, from Germany to Australia to the UK, she has a global view that makes her very valuable as employee benefits programs become even more essential for organisations.

21 – David Gibbons, Partner, PwC

Responsible for overseeing PwC Bermuda’s captive insurance group, Gibbons has extensive experience in captive-focused internal audit services to clients. Having previously chaired the Bermuda Captive Conference, Gibbons is highly respected on the island by service providers and captive insurance companies alike.

20 – Mike Rogers, Chairman and CEO, Risk Services

Chairman and CEO Rogers leads firm Risk Services, which has more than $1bn of captive premium under management. With more than 40 years’ experience in the industry Rogers has worked with all types of alternative risk management, from captive reinsurers to RRGs. As more captive owners turn to independent managers Rogers could be due for even more growth.

19 – Mark Cook, Director, Global Services and Solutions, Willis Towers Watson

Employee benefits has become a must-have business line for captives over the past few years. Cook is one of the most trusted by multinationals when it comes to implementing such a risk, and has been involved in the space since the mid-90s. With a number of projects and studies pointing to its further implementation, Cook driving is one of those leading the charge in this space.

18 – Anne Marie Towle, Global Captive Solutions Leader, Hylant Global Captive Solutions

After her move to Hylant to take over the captive solutions team, Towle has been pushing the company forward in the captive industry with a global view. Towle herself is always giving back to the captive industry by speaking at events and conferences, giving her time to others. She is also a big advocate for women in the industry and a leader in all ways.

17 – Renea Louie, Vice President, Pro Group

Smart and skilled, Louie is the vice-president of captive manager Pro Group, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organisation. Well respected in the industry, Louie is a CICA board member as well as a regular speaker and commentator on industry issues. In 2020 Louie led a group of industry professionals to form the Nevada Captive Insurance Association (NCIA) which works promoting the domicile, and is also involved in the planning of many captive industry events.

16 – Peter Child, CEO and Managing Director, Strategic Risk Solutions Europe

With 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry, Child has worked for a number of different captive heavyweights including Aon, Artex and the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. In July 2021 he was appointed CEO of SRS Europe, handpicked to lead the expansion of SRS’ Europe team. He has done well and we expect even more growth from SRS Europe in the coming year.

15 – Jennifer Gallagher, President, North America, Artex

One of three people who built Artex from its inception, Gallagher is one of the leaders in captive insurance. She has more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, working at global insurance brokerage Gallagher for 14 years before co-founding Artex with Peter Mullen and David McManus in 1997. Artex had grown quickly in the last few years, acquiring businesses like EWI Re and making a number of new appointments.

14 – Reto Heini, Regional Distribution Manager, Corporate Life and Pensions, Zurich

An employee benefits expert, Heini has been in the industry for more than 30 years and is happy to share his expertise with others. Looking after the employee benefits plans of multinational corporates in Europe, everything from pooling to captive solutions and alternative risk transfer, he creates innovative solutions for some of the largest companies in the region. With the popularity of employee benefit captives, Heini will continue to shine.

13 – Chuck Rettig, Commission, Internal Revenue Service

Undoubtedly an influential and controversial figure in the captive world, Rettig was appointed IRS Commissioner in 2018 and only continued the service’s focus on microcaptive arrangements over the last five years. In 2022 Rettig established the Office of Promoter Investigation with dedicated agents investigating microcaptives that may be abusing the US tax system. As his attention continues to stay on 831(b) captives he will undoubtedly continue to be powerful in industry.

12 – Pete Kranz, Captive Practice Leader, Brown & Brown

With more than 25 years experience, expert knowledge, creative thinking and a winning smile, there is a very good reason that Kranz is regarded one of the best captive minds in the industry. Taking over as captive practice leader at the start of 2019, Kranz leads Brown & Brown’s strategy in the space and has created a number of innovative solutions for clients, including multiple Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Always willing to share his knowledge, Kranz is one of the biggest stars of captive insurance.

11 – Julie Boucher, Practice Leader Bermuda, Marsh Captive Solutions

As a practice leader for the world’s largest captive manager, in the largest captive domicile, Boucher is highly respected in her field. Boucher is responsible for the growth and development of the Bermuda captive offices and has done her job extremely well. As head of office in Bermuda, Boucher ensures a steady hand in delivering high-quality captive management and services in the state. With Bermuda innovating in the captive sphere.

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