Announcing the Power 50: Top 10

It’s what you’ve been waiting for: the Captive Review Power 50 Top 10.

10 – Paul Philips, Chief of Operations, Global Compliance and Reporting, EY

Phillips and his EY team have become go-to guides on topical issues throughout the industry, ranging from alternative risk to tax, giving them the ability to influence and lead the way. While Phillips has a focus on the US, the rest of his team give him the ability to tackle industry challenges all across the globe. Phillips continues to be a leader in the space and his influence will likely continue to grow.

9 – Sandy Bigglestone, Director of Captive Insurance, State of Vermont

Over the last year the number of captive formations has grown extremely quickly, with many choosing Vermont as their domicile. As director of captive insurance for the state of Vermont, Bigglestone is instrumental in Vermont’s success, ensuring it is one of the biggest and most respected domiciles in the world. Charged with managing the division’s operations and overseeing the financial condition of captives domiciled there, Bigglestone reviews and approves captives applying in Vermont. With the captive expansion in the past year, Viewed as a fair regulator, Bigglestone will be key in keeping Vermont’s reputation at a high standard.

8 – Peter Carter, Head of Global Practice Europe, Willis Towers Watson

Carter has been head of Willis Towers Watson’s captive management team since November 2019, just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Despite the difficulties of a global crisis, as well as a merger with Aon that fell apart, Carter has led his team to continued successes over the past two years. He is enthusiastic about captives and the upcoming year will likely only see WTW grow more.

7 – Marine Charbonnier, Global Programs and Captives Regional Director, Europe, AXA XL

Charbonnier has always been a large force in the European captive industry, and after last year’s AXA XL corporate restructure her role has only grown, and will continue to grow. Charbonnier has extensive experience in the industry, having worked at AXA XL for the past eight years and for Gras Savoye prior to 2013, specialising in captives. Charbonnier’s presence in the European market means she is on the ground as developments happen, able to quickly respond to any changes in the region.

6 – Nancy Gray, Regional Managing Director, Americas, Aon Captive and Insurance Management

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry and a career spanning across International Risk Management Group (IRMG), EY, Johnson & Higgins and PwC, Gray is known across the US market as a leader in America’s captive management community. She was promoted to regional managing director of Americas for Aon in 2005 and now oversees operations in the US, Bermuda, Cayman, Barbados and Vancouver. With Aon no longer acquiring Willis Towers Watson, the next year will be interesting for her and Aon.

5 – Karin Landry, Managing Partner, Spring Consulting

One of the co-founders of Spring Consulting, Landry Following Spring Consulting Group’s acquisition by Alera Group, an employee benefits, property and casualty consulting specialist, the firm has found itself on a greater platform without any disruption to client services. Since the acquisition Landry has expanded her reach even further, using her extensive expertise to not only help her clients but champion the industry as a whole. Landry is one of the few professionals to have been in every Power 50 list since it began, and is a trusted voice in the industry.

4 – Peter Mullen, CEO, Artex Risk Solutions

Mullen became CEO of Artex in 2019, moving back to the company after running Aon’s global captive and insurance management for seven years. Artex has had a stellar couple of years since Mullen stepped into the role, hiring new talent and winning Captive Review’s Captive Manager of the Year at the US Captive Awards. Artex also completed the world’s first 48-hour captive cell formation in Guernsey last year, continuing to innovate in a booming sector.

3 – Lorraine Stack, international advisor and sales leader, Marsh

With multinational clients around the world, Stack always has insight into the industry’s latest trends, challenges and innovations. A leader in employee benefits, Stack also has vast knowledge of the European market and wisdom on what is driving growth throughout the wider industry.

2 – Nick Hengtes, Co-CEO and Principal, Captive Resources

Although Captive Resources has been around in one form or another for more than 35 years, it’s really over the past couple of years that it has started to make some real noise in the industry. Led by Hentges in its day-to-day operations and strategy, Captive Resources has changed the game when it comes to group captives in the US. Hengtes is extremely knowledgeable, and the company is known not only for its expertise but for how well it treats its staff.

1 – Brady Young, president and CEO, Strategic Risk Solutions

For the second year in a row Brady Young, CEO of Strategic Risk Solutions, is in the number one spot of the Power 50. Young continues to be extremely active in the industry and has expanded SRS even more over the past year with acquisitions and high-profile appointments. What is striking about this is how Young continues to be extremely hands on, and we expect 2022 will be another big year for SRS.

5-6 November 2025
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