Artex, SRS and AIG see biggest captive premium growth

The Captive Review captive manager survey has revealed that Artex, Strategic Risk Solutions (SRS) and AIG have seen the biggest captive premium growth in the last three years.

Artex has seen 120% growth since 2017, SRS 107%, AIG 85% and Aon 49%.

Marsh came in with the fifth highest premium growth, at 20%.

According to Marsh’s Ellen Charnley the figures for the last three years will be dwarfed by growth in 2020.

“We already saw significant growth in 2019, but what we are seeing now is almost an explosion, so growth figures for 2020 are likely to be even higher,” she told Captive Review.

The captive manager survey represents $126.4bn in captive premiums and $370bn in captive assets, covering 5,857 captives – more than 90% of the world’s captives.

Marsh is still and truly the biggest captive manager in the world according to the survey, managing 1,578 risk bearing entities.

However a combined Aon and Willis Towers Watson will come in at a total of 1,706 risk bearing entities under management, just overtaking Marsh for the top spot.

The survey is available in full in this month’s issue of Captive Review.

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