Captive Review Hall of Fame welcomes six new inductees

For Captive Review’s 25th birthday it’s a bumper year for new inductees to the Hall of Fame, as we honour some of those whose lifetime of achievements in the captive industry deserve recognition


The Captive Review Hall of Fame was launched in 2016 to recognise the most influential and respected figures to have left their mark on the captive industry. Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is our way of distinguishing those who have made the most significant impact on the market and ensuring their contribution is not forgotten.

A total of 36 captive insurance professionals have been inducted into the Hall of Fame since 2016 (see below for the full honour roll), and as 2024 marks Captive Review’s 25th anniversary, this year we have a bumper number of new inductees, with six captive professionals being honoured.

Congratulations go to Mark Cook, Karin Landry, George McGhie, Paul Phillips, Lorraine Stack, and Gerry Yoshida. You can read more about their achievements below.


Mark Cook

One of the biggest developments in the world of captive insurance has been in employee benefits, and no one better represents this success than Mark Cook. Praised for successfully bridging the gap between employee benefits and captives, Cook has been the architect at the heart of some of the most significant EB captive transactions of the last 30 years. Since joining WTW in 1996, his regular appearances at industry events and enthusiasm for EB and captives have made him one of the most well-known figures in the European captive market, and an authority people listen to.


Karin Landry

As one of the co-founders of Spring Consulting, Karin Landry helped to create and build what has been one of the stand-out captive consultancies. She has regularly featured at the top end of the Power 50 for the last decade, during which time she has been one of the key leaders influencing the market’s adoption of captive solutions for employee benefits – today considered one of the most valuable ways to utilise a captive. She is a professor at ICCIE, a past chair of CICA, and still today a regular attendee at industry events, willing to share her thoughts on captive issues and offer advice.


George McGhie

George McGhie has been one of the key people in the development of Asia’s captive insurance market over the last 30 years. One of the most knowledgeable people on captives in the region, McGhie established Johnson & Higgins’ APAC captive operation in 1993 after a spell with the captive manager in Bermuda, and on its acquisition by Marsh was appointed to lead the consolidated APAC office. He went on to establish JLT’s APAC operation in 2001 and later lead WTW’s APAC captive practice between 2015 and 2021. Today he continues to offer consulting services in the region and is a strategic adviser to Artex.


Paul Phillips

During a period when captives required specialist tax expertise Paul Phillips excelled, which saw him year after year recognised highly in the Power 50. As the tax leader of EY’s Global Captive Insurance Network, his influence has trickled down and left a significant mark on the industry. After time at KPMG between 1999 and 2011, Phillips then joined EY, where he specialised in captives and became head of its global captive tax network. Phillips has been a vocal presence keeping captives up to date on the variously changing tax laws, but his expertise has in this time extended to other important areas of the industry.


Lorraine Stack

A regular feature in our Power 50 top three for the last few years, including in 2020 when she topped our poll, Lorraine Stack has been one of the most significant figures on the European captive scene. She will no doubt continue to be a valuable captive advocate for many more years to come, but with her appointment to leader of Marsh’s European risk management operation earlier this year her talents will be more widely spread across the risk management spectrum. With her background in captives though, it would be no surprise to see more European risk managers turning to captives in the coming years.


Gerry Yoshida

Gerry Yoshida was instrumental in licencing the first Hawaii captive in 1987, and ever since then has been a big player in the success of Hawaii as a domicile, which by the end of 2022 was the third largest in the world by captive premium. As a specialist captive lawyer with Char Hamilton Campbell & Yoshida, and with Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel, Yoshida has been a significant part of Hawaii’s growth story, attracting some of the largest companies in the world to base their captive here, as well as a introducing a number of Japanese firms to the benefits of captive insurance.


Hall of Fame Honour Roll

Steve Butterworth

Joel Chansky

Ellen Charnley

Courtney Claflin

Michael Corbett

Leonard D. Crouse

Malcolm Cutts-Watson

Guenther Droese

John English

David Ezekiel

Alan Fleming

Alan Gier

Roger Gillett

Julia Graham

Brian Hall

Tom Jones

Arthur Koritzinsky

Charles ‘Chaz’ Lavelle

Steve McElhiney

Edward Meehan

Lincoln Miller

Mary-Ellen Moriarty

John Morrey

Peter Mullen

Robert ‘Skip’ Myers

Gary Osbourne

David Provost

Frederic M. Reiss

Hugh Rosenbaum

George Rusu

Kate Westover

Bruce Whitmore

Paul Woehrmann

Bruce Wright

Brady Young

Michael Zuckerman

12 August 2024
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