Captive Review Power 50: 30-21

As we get closer and closer to finding out who made the top 10 in this year’s Captive Review Power 50, here are the latest professionals to make the list.

30 Nuno Antunes – SVP, EMEA Head of Multinational, AIG – Down 1
As SVP EMEA head of multinational, Antunes is working with some of the largest captive accounts in the world and is well known across the industry. After nearly four years in the role, Antunes is now a recognised leader on multinational programmes and is building an impressive portfolio.

29 Michael Serricchio – Americas Sales Leader, Marsh – Down 3
Serricchio advises Marsh’s US clients with the feasibility and organisation of single-parent captives, risk retention groups and rent-a-captive structures. Previous spells with KPMG and Arthur Andersen have given him a solid tax background and he is thought of as an innovator on captive programmes.

28 Charles Lavelle – Senior Partner, Bingham Greenbaum Doll LLP – Up 2
A senior partner at Bingham, Greenbaum, Doll, Lavelle has more than 40 years of experience working on tax cases. Known for his close involvement with the 831(b) tax cases in the US, Lavelle has collaborated with a number of service providers and industry players. He is in high demand since the Avrahami case and is likely to be needed in the future should the IRS continue its scrutiny of small US captives.

27 Nick Heys – Chief Executive, international, Artex – No Change
With close to 40 years of experience in insurance, Heys joined Artex in 2014 following the acquisition of Heritage. With Artex continuing to expand at a rapid pace, the business is now branching out further afield and it was announced in April 2018 that the firm would move into Asia Pacific and Australia. Speaking at the time, Heys said the firm will take advantage of regulatory changes in the region and that it had been an aspiration of the business for some time.

26 Julie Boucher – Practice Leader Bermuda, Marsh –  Up 2
As a practice leader for the world’s largest captive manager, Boucher is highly respected in her field. Boucher is responsible for the growth and development of the Bermuda captive offices. As head of office in Bermuda, Boucher ensures a steady hand in delivering high quality captive management and services in the state.

25 Rich Smith – President, VCIA – No Change
Smith is currently enjoying time as the president of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association, which aims to educate, communicate and advocate on behalf of Vermont. With previous experience in government in the state, Smith has extensive knowledge on captive insurance in the state of Vermont and coordinates with other associations to fight on behalf of the industry.

24 Laurent Nihoul – Ferma board member –  New Entry
As group head of insurance for steel and mining company ArcelorMittal, Nihoul is tasked with leading a global insurance team and developing its risk management and captive insurance strategy. Alongside being a board member at FERMA, Nihoul has quickly risen as a respected industry player with an array of insights and expertise on the sector.

23 Sean Rider – VP, MD, consulting and development WTW – Down 4
Rider is a managing director of consulting and development for the global captive practice at Willis Towers Watson. Having been in the role for more than 10 years, Rider is responsible for the Group’s captive consulting efforts on a global scale. He is also a member of the company’s global captive practice committee.

22 David Gibbons – Captive Insurance Leader and Partner, PwC – Down 2
Responsible for overseeing PwC Bermuda’s captive insurance group, Gibbons has extensive experience in captive-focused internal audit services to clients. Having previously chaired the Bermuda Captive Conference, Gibbons is highly-respected on the island by service providers and captive insurance companies alike.

21 Sandy Bigglestone – Director of Captive Insurance, State of Vermont – Up 1
As director of captive insurance for the state of Vermont, Bigglestone is instrumental in the success of the domicile. Charged with managing the division’s operations and overseeing the financial condition of captives domiciled there, Bigglestone reviews and approves captives applying in Vermont. Viewed as a fair regulator, Bigglestone will be key in keeping Vermont’s reputation at a high standard.

5-6 November 2025
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