Hall of Fame: Charnley and English

Lots of things are changing with the Power 50 this year. One of them is that we’re inducting two well-known, active figures in the industry into the Hall of Fame for 2020. This is because we believe that they have a global reach, enduring careers in the industry and have made a lasting impact.

Between them, these two manage the majority of the captive industry and deserve to be recognised for their continued achievements by being inducted into the Hall of Fame. This is the first time that current, active members of the industry that will be working for years to come have been inducted, and we are honouring them because of their significant achievements.

Ellen Charnley

Ellen Charnley is a name that everyone in the global captive industry knows. Head of Marsh Captive Solutions, far and away the largest captive manager in the market, she strategically runs the large operation that overseas 44 domiciles leads a team of 450 staff. A figure in the industry for decades, Charnley started her captive career in Bermuda working for a rent-a-captive operation, before becoming vice president of captive management firm Charles Taylor. In 2004 she joined Marsh and has been considered a significant voice in the organisation ever since.

John English

With a career that has a global view, working for more than 30 years across London, Dublin and Bermuda, John English is a commanding figure in the captive world. English was the managing director of International Risk Management Group’s captive division, before he headed to JLT to create their captive practice, which had an incredible impact on the industry. For the last decade he has been with the industry’s second biggest captive manager, Aon, and in 2018 became the CEO of their captive practice.

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