Power 50: Top 10

After a week of counting down, here is the Captive Review Power 50 top ten for 2020.

#10 Courtney Claflin, executive director captive programs, University of California

As executive director of the University of California’s captives program, Claflin’s role includes the development, implementation and management of all the university’s captives and captive activities. He’s also a well-known friendly face in the captive industry, often lending his voice to panels and happy to help anyone and everyone.

#9 Matthew Latham, head of global programmes and captive, AXA XL

After AXA’s acquisition of XL, Latham now heads up both global programmes and captives for the new mega organisation after spending four-and-a-half years leading the captives team at XL Catlin. Responsible for driving new global programmes and captive business, Latham has also taken an interest in mentoring young professionals in the captive space.

#8 Nick Hentges, co-CEO and principal, Captive Resources

Although Captive Resources has been around in one form or another for more than 35 years, it’s really over the past couple of years that it has started to make some real noise in the industry. Led by Hentges in its day-to-day operations and strategy, Captive Resources has changed the game when it comes to group captives in the US.

#7 Anne-Marie Towle, global captive solutions leader, Hylant

After her move to Hylant to take over the captive solutions team, Towle has been pushing the company forward in the captive industry with a global view. Hylant is now looking forward in 2020 with big goals and the strategy to achieve them. Towle herself is always giving back to the captive industry by speaking at events and conferences, giving her time to others. She is also a big advocate for women in the industry and a leader in all ways.

#6 Mark Cook, senior director, Willis Towers Watson

Employee benefits has become a must-have business line for captives over the past few years. Cook is one of the most trusted by multinationals when it comes to implementing such a risk, and has been involved in the space since the mid-90s. With a number of projects and studies pointing to its further implementation, WTW with Cook driving is one of those leading the charge in this space.

#5 Paul Phillips, chief of operations, global compliance and reporting, EY

Phillips and his EY team have become go-to guides on topical issues throughout the industry, ranging from alternative risk to tax, giving them the ability to influence and lead the way. While Phillips has a focus on the US, the rest of his team give him the ability to tackle industry challenges all across the globe. Phillips continues to be a leader in the space and his influence will likely continue to grow.

#4 Fabrice Frere, managing director, Aon

Over the past two years, Frere has helped the industry in its bid to tackle some of the toughest challenges. Whether it’s a strategy on how to tackle Beps or leading the charge on Solvency II, Frere has become an outspoken member of the captive community. He is well known throughout the industry and is of great value to his clients.

#3 Paul Woehrmann, head of captive services, Zurich

Having contributed pearls of wisdom to the industry for years, Woehrmann remains a thought leader for both Zurich and new players entering the space. Few industry people are as trusted and well regarded by multinationals as Woehrmann, who will continue to innovate, create and develop the industry for years to come.

#2 Brady Young, president and CEO, SRS

The past year has seen Strategic Risk Solutions be incredibly active in the industry, and Brady cements himself as one of the biggest names in the captive insurance. The company hired several big names from JLT and Willis Towers Watson and launched its European office, all with Young’s hands-on approach. 2020 is shaping up to be another big year for SRS, which is proving to be one of the biggest organisations to watch.

#1 Lorraine Stack, managing director, Marsh

With multinational clients around the world, Stack always has insight into the industry’s latest trends, challenges and innovations. A leader in employee benefits, Stack also has vast knowledge of the European market and wisdom on what is driving growth throughout the wider industry.

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