Zurich exec announces retirement

Jean-Luc Braegger has announced his retirement after spending 11 years with Zurich Insurance Company.

Most recently serving as head of network partner management for Zurich Employee Benefits Network (ZEBN), Braegger has promised to remain involved in captives, global benefits and health developments.

Braegger has been involved in the captive industry since the ‘90s. At Winthur International, he developed a concept for employee benefits captive transactions and was part of the core team who developed and implemented the famous DHL EB captive programme in late 1995/early 1996.

As part of the AIG/Winterthur Alliance network, the team went on to become leaders in this type of proposition and implemented a significant number of new captive programmes.

Working alongside Paul Wöhrmann, Braegger brought his experience to Zurich Insurance and helped implement the approach to adding employee benefits to captives. Zurich entered the employee benefits space and trained a new team of employee benefits captive specialists to serve their clients, going on to become a top three player in this market.

Commenting on his time with Zurich, Braegger said: “By combining Paul’s profound expertise around all aspects of captives and my specific Employee Benefits knowledge, we were able to offer risk managers to add this new line of business to their captive. Thereby it is key to overcome the different languages used in the world of P&C and EB, being able to explain EB specific topic in P&C terms.

Over the years, Paul and myself trained a team of specialist being able to continue and expand this holistic approach to the market. The current pandemic has proven the benefits of using a captive for Employee Benefits and I expect an increased interest in adding EB. I will continue to follow the developments in this area and put at disposal my knowledge to interested parties.”

8 August 2022
8 November 2022
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